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My Services


A safe, confidential, and comfortable environment where you and I collaborate through talk and somatic work, which involves breath work, movement, and touch. This work allows you to explore how you see yourself in the world and the issues that are holding you back. Emerge with a deeper sense of self and learn how to reach your fullest potential.


Sometimes relationships hit a bump along the road, are in crisis, or partnerships may want to simply  explore the potential of what the relationship has to offer and teach. These sessions are not simply for those in an intimate relationship, it is an invitation to feel supported in all relationships: parent & child, close friends, colleagues, and business partners. These sessions focus on unpacking communication issues and strengthening active listening skills while supporting both to take risks to be seen and heard by their partner in a safe and non-judgmental space. Our relationships have so much to teach us about who we are and where there is room for growth.


Group Sessions are for those who have done some individual work and are ready for deeper transformation. Testing the skills and self-awareness gained from individual sessions in a small group and safe environment offers the opportunity for further self-awareness and growth. 

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